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Why Best In Class? Your questions answered.

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

This post comes to you from Christina Butler.

As a contributing author - and just as importantly, someone who gets to see Lynne in action - I wanted to share straight from the source why #BestInClassBook needed to be written. Thankfully, Lynne is always up for some Q&A...and willing to share a great #throwbackpicture.

1. How did you know this was a book that needed to be written?

Lynne: Nearly every day I get calls from potential and existing clients asking about “people skills” training for their employees. The need for programs on professionalism, etiquette, interpersonal skills, and communication are as frequent today as they were when I first started my company 25 years ago.

The research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Institute concludes that 85% of job success comes form having well-developed people skills while only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge.

Rudeness remains ‘on the rise’ in business today, yet companies continue to spend almost 75% of their training dollars on technical skills. This book is a resource for the #peopleskills that help employees get, keep, and move up in a job.

2. Is there a target audience for this book, or who can benefit the most?

Lynne: People skills have a positive effect on learning, and we advocate putting this book in the hands of undergraduate students, students serving internships, graduate students, and young professionals. Managers and supervisors who want to set the right example for their direct reports should also use this book as a resource.

3. Tell us about The Professional Edge, Inc., and how it helped you determine what young professionals need to know most?

Lynne: The Professional Edge, Inc. is a “go-to” resource for people skills training in the workplace. And that includes business etiquette, presentation skills, leadership and supervisory skills, and business communication.

Our feedback from training directors, sales managers, and human resource professionals has helped us position our message to include the most sought-after people skills of business etiquette, oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and leadership.

4. What is your personal pet peeve when it comes to business behavior?

Lynne: I have 3 personal ‘#professionaletiquette pet peeves:

1. Not having a signature block on an email that would provide me with an alternate mode of contact

2. A lack of responsiveness or follow-up to a meeting or conversation

3. Unprofessional attire (your clothes really do communicate a message)

5. On a personal note...what is something about you that may surprise people?

Lynne: I’m a classically trained pianist and was a semi-finalist in the #MissAmerica pageant 7 dog years ago.


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