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From the author: a glimpse inside Best In Class

Every day I see examples of etiquette breaches in the workplace. Some are small, insignificant gestures that receive a mere ‘eye roll’ of a response and others are insensitivities that lose clients.

No matter the impact, people notice and remember bad manners and acts of incivility.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree or years of on-the-job experience to know the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to behavior in the workplace.

Best in Class is an honest account of examples, backed by research and experience, of what to do and what not to do in professional settings.

If you want to:

… get an immediate response to your email messages? (Read the chapter on Technology Etiquette)

Tip: Make your subject line Clear, Relevant, and Enticing

… decipher the dress code for a company holiday party? (Read the chapter on First Impressions)

Tip: Ladies – update an “oldie but goodie”; Example: that dress you’ve been wearing for years with a sparkly cardigan or tuxedo jacket, and colorful shoes.

… order an entrée for a business lunch that is conversation-friendly? (Read the chapter on The Business Meal)

Tip: Avoid finger foods and difficult-to-eat foods; opt for chopped salads, bite-sized pasta entrees, or cooked fish.

… create a positive impression on the phone with your voice mail message? (Read the chapter on Telephone and Voice Mail)

Tip: Record your voice mail message in your own voice; use our “time-tested” voice mail script.

Learning about etiquette and people skills doesn’t mean you need to change who you are, it means becoming more aware or your behaviors so you can enhance a natural strength or modify one that may be creating a distraction.

Bringing civility back into the workplace is not a lost cause, especially in this era of e-communication. Observing manners at work will impress your boss, build relationships with decision-makers in your industry, and smooth the way with your competitors.


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