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Best In Class on TV (bonus: cute dogs)

It was a pleasure to introduce Best In Class to the #GoodDayPA audience on ABC27. Lynne nailed it with her top tips and pet peeves when it comes to business etiquette. You can watch the television interview here:

Three minutes flies by in TV time, and this is just a snippet of what Best In Class offers to young professionals. Plug alert: you can learn everything there is to know about business etiquette and how to move up in your career by reading all five chapters.

There's a reason she's rocking the red. That's in the book...and it's not the reason you may think.

On air with @AmandaABC27

An added bonus to being on the show January 15 was running into a colleague who had some pretty darn cute co-"paw-thors" with her. #PawsitivePlusPurrsonality

Full disclosure: I'm a little biased toward ABC27. I'm so fortunate to be a contributing author for Best In Class (and an associate for Lynne's company, The Professional Edge, Inc) as well as a mainstay on the station's Penn State Health/Hershey Medical shows.

Thanks again #GoodDayPA!

Stay tuned for more of Lynne's TV, radio, and podcast adventures spreading the word about Best In Class.


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