Lynne Breil is the founder and CEO of The Professional Edge, Inc., a communications training company started from an opportunity through York College of PA where she has been an adjunct professor for 27 years. While creating a training curriculum for managers at a York College corporate partner, Lynne recognized the need for civility in the workplace.

Her flagship programs on business etiquette and presentation skills continue to empower professionals in many industries. Best In Class provides answers to questions students seldom get the chance to ask, but need to know to make the transition successfully from college to career.

 A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Lynne is one of a small percentage of professional speakers internationally who have earned this accreditation which represents the speaking profession’s international measure of experience and skill. Lynne is also a previous recipient of the Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business award and leads a mentorship program for women business majors at York College of Pennsylvania.

Lynne is a former Miss America semi-finalist and a classically trained pianist. 





John Breil is a guy with a well-worn passport and the international business experience and insight to provide sought-after management coaching. John specializes in leadership and executive coaching across cultures and works with managers and supervisors in a variety of industries including: manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and non-profit. He has coined the phrase, “You have A-L-O-T (Always Listen Observe and Think) when going Global”. 
John is president of the Home Owners Association Board of
Directors of the Willow Oak Condominiums in Cambridge,


Christina Butler has covered breaking news, natural disasters, and all levels of politics as a television news veteran of 15 years. In television, she’s worked nearly every position in the newsroom from assignment manager to anchor.   As a speaker, she uses her expertise   in impression management,   relationship building, and media
consulting to help our clients in a variety of industries. Christina is also an Emmy nominated news reporter and a popular speaker on the topics of business etiquette, first
impressions, and networking. When she’s not speaking,
reporting the news, or adding pickles to everything she
eats, she’s a Mom to 2 active toddlers.


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